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Free Books

Three apocalyptic thrillers not available anywhere else.


“Nick Clausen is the king of zombie fiction”

“AMAZING! This is my new favorite zombie book of all time”

“had me literally shaking from the suspense”

Dead Meat cover

Dead Meat Audio

27 january 2023

The complete Dead Meat audio box set containing Day 1-9 is out!

Get it for one credit on Audible now.

Dead Meat cover
Cadaver cover

New Zombie Series

17 january 2023

Today I launched the first two books in my brand-new zombie series, Cadaver.

The series is free in Kindle Unlimited. Begin reading today!

Blind Hope cover

Blind Hope Is Live

25 november 2022

Book 5 in Under the Breaking Sky just went live on Amazon.

Continue the epic journey now!

Blind Hope cover
Blind Pain cover

Blind Pain out now!

08 Otcober 2022

Book 4 in Under the Breaking Sky just went live on Amazon

Begin reading now!

Hi, I'm Nick

I write stories about monsters and the apocalypse so that I don't need to work a real job. I grew up reading Stephen King and still haven't fully recovered.

I married my public-school sweetheart and we have a son and a daughter ...

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